Tina Womack-Branton

Tina Womack Branton, Yoga Instructor

My introduction to yoga came a little later in life. After battling anxiety and panic attacks since childhood, I became extremely frustrated with the coping methods offered and recommended by doctors for decades, medication, medication and sometimes therapy.

So, at age 40 I traded medication for meditation and that is where true healing began for me! I learned that I had the power to control the anxiety and panic attacks and they did not have to control me. Now THAT was empowering, hence Empower Yoga became the name of my yoga studio.

After practicing meditation for a few years, and then starting a yoga practice, the seed was planted, and I wanted to become a yoga teacher! What a wonderful journey that would become and continue to this day.

In 2016 I finished my 200-hour teacher training through Blue Sky Yoga in Ruston and Monroe, LA. I opened Empower Yoga in 2017 with a vision to help transform people's lives by educating them as to what yoga truly means and how it can benefit the body and mind connection. Yoga teaches us how to have peace in the midst of chaos, be it self-inflicted or uncontrolled chaos.

Since then, I've traveled to Chicago, IL to obtain my Kid’s Yoga certification from the Rainbow Kids program and to Tulsa, OK to obtain my Aerial certification from AeroZen.

I have a few more trainings to check off the list but that’s part of the journey and I plan to enjoy each moment of it.

What can you expect at Empower Yoga & Aerial Yoga? Students can expect a small, boutique style environment with small class sizes and personalized attention. It’s my desire that every person that comes through the door feels welcomed, nurtured, encouraged and as though they belong, because they do! There is no such thing as too young or old, skinny or fat, non-flexible, or non-experienced here. All that is required is an open-mind and willingness to get out of your comfort zone. I can’t wait to meet you!

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