Tina Womack-Roccaforte

Tina Womack Branton, Yoga Instructor

Tina Womack Branton is a E-RYT certified yoga instructor and is registered with the Yoga Alliance and YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider). She also obtained certification in kids and family yoga, and is Aerial Yoga certified.

Her motto is: "You are never too old to keep learning."

Yoga has been a healing tool for me, a true blessing in my life. For someone who has dealt with anxiety and panic attacks since childhood, I can attest how yoga, pranayama (breathing), and meditation has transformed my life.

My practice allows me to control the agitations that can bring about anxiety or panic. I've learned to control anxiety; it no longer controls me.

It is my desire to introduce all people to yoga, share in their practice and continue to empower others thru this amazing practice. Aligning the body, mind, and spirit can be life transforming; I've had the honor and privilege of witnessing this firsthand in the life of other's as well as my own.

Yoga is for everyone. Hope to see you on the mat!


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